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Is it better for me or my estate agent to conduct viewings on my home?

Nicky & Oliver, Cheshire estate agents, selling a property

We are firm believers that it is far better for your estate agent to conduct viewings on your

property as long as they are professional and knowledgeable about your property, your situation

and the local area.

Here are some of the benefits of estate agent accompanied viewings.

It takes some of the pressure off you. Selling your home can be a stressful experience and

having the pressure of showing people around your home can add to that pressure. A good

estate agent will suggest that you leave the house and go for a walk or do something else you

enjoy while they handle the viewings. Whilst the vast majority of viewers will be respectful of you

and your home, some may ask awkward questions, for example if they don’t like something in

the home or start trying to negotiate price with you while in the property. This can be upsetting or

awkward for some sellers to deal with, so it’s better to let your estate agent handle these

situations on your behalf.

As well as taking the pressure off you, it also takes the pressure off the viewer. Most viewers

prefer to be shown around by an estate agent as long as that estate agent is knowledgeable

enough to answer their questions. Some viewers can feel uncomfortable being shown around by

the vendor because they feel like they are intruding on their space. If a viewer is shown around

by a good estate agent they feel more comfortable, can take their time looking around and feel

at home, which is all really important in them leaving the property with a positive feeling.

Your estate agent should be a trained salesperson. Whilst many homes sell themselves, there is

still a huge benefit to having a professional estate agent talking about the best features of your

home and selling the lifestyle to a buyer. Not only does this mean the buyer may be more likely

to make an offer but they are also more likely to make a higher offer if the estate agent has done

their job well. Some sellers have a tendency to say too much if showing a buyer round and can

sometimes inadvertently say something that could put a buyer off. Your estate agent should

know what to say and, equally importantly, what not to say.

Your estate agent should be available to do viewings at times you may not be. A good estate

agent should have a wide range of availability and be able to accommodate viewings on

weekdays, evenings and weekends (including Sundays). Everyone has other things going on in

their lives that may mean they don’t have enough availability to accommodate viewings, and

that could result in you missing out on the ideal buyer viewing your home.

Viewers are more likely to give honest feedback about your property to an estate agent than to

you. When you have your home on the market it is really important to know what viewers

honestly think about the property so you know if there is anything that needs changing to make

the property more saleable. Most viewers are too polite to tell a vendor to their face if there is

something they don’t like about a property, because they know the seller is likely to have an

emotional connection to their home. However, your estate agent should ask the viewers for

feedback while they are in the property, and viewers are more likely to be honest with the agent

than with the seller, so feedback will be more accurate and, therefore, more useful.

Your estate agent can ask viewers direct questions that you may not feel comfortable doing.

This could be anything from asking for feedback on the property to understanding more about

the viewers’ position and even asking them for an offer.

Some estate agents will only do accompanied viewings on properties that are vacant and will

expect their client to conduct viewings if they live in the property. As you can see above, there

are lots of reasons why your estate agent should accompany all the viewings on your property

so it is advisable to consider that when thinking about selling your home.


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